Pet Master Village List & Cost

Pet Master Village List

Pet Master Village List

If you want to know about how many Village or Level in Pet Master game. Do you want to get a complete list of villages in Pet Master?  If yes, then you are at the right palace, in this article we give the full Pet Master village list.

Now in current days, Pet Master is the most popular game and played by millions of people. But in this game many things that you not about Pet Master. So, begin without today’s topic “How many village levels in Pet Master?

Pet Master Village Cost

How Many Village Levels are there in Pet Master?

The most important part of the Pet Master is the village or levels in which the player has to make a village with the help of coins. The number of villages in the Pet Master keeps changing. But as of 2021, Pet Master has about 170 villages or levels and each village has a different name and different cost.  The cost or price for each village varies depends on your level.

The complete Pet Master level list you find in the game. Just go to the menu in Pet Master and click on Map. At first, you see the village you are in, If you scroll up you see all the villages you still have to build.

Pet Master Village List

Pet Master Village List & Cost

Pet Master Village Cost

Every village in Pet Master is more expensive than the previous. For a complete list of all village costs from the first until the last level in Pet Master please read this article fully.


I hope you must have liked this article Pet Master Level List. I always try to give readers complete information on coin master so that they do not have to search about this article on other sites or on the internet. beyond which they will also save time and get all the information in one place.

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  1. The village list at pet doesn’t really correspond. I checked while building lvl 107-109 and the cost I paid was about 10-15b cheaper.

    Maybe you did this list before they changed the prices (the thousand time!!!, viz in this game everything is changing up and down very often)


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