Pirate Master Village Cost and List (Fully Updated 2023)

Pirate Master Village Cost

Hello, Gamers if you are looking for Pirate Master Village List and Cost then you are on the right palace. In this article, we provide the complete level or village list of the Pirate Master game.

Nowadays, the pirate master is the most popular game because it’s similar to coin master. Pirate Master – Be The Coin Kings offered by BigLime Limited on Play store. Already 100000+ players playing this game, and this game is rated by almost 6500+ users.

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Pirate Master Village Cost and List

Village LevelVillage NameVillage Cost (Approx.)
1Caribbean Coast3.95 Million
2Skull Island6.62 Million
3Port Royal11.89 Million
4Pharaoh’s Treasure16.43 Million
5God of Thunder20.40 Million
6Easter Island21.70 Million
7Land of Sakura25.88 Million
8Greenland32.30 Million
9Grand Harvest38.74 Million
10Ancient China43.44 Million
11Tortuga49.11 Million
12Maya51.41 Million
13Era of Dinosaurs56.22 Million
14Glory of Roman58.79 Million
15Aladdin’s Journey64.12 Million
16West Life66.40 Million
17Vikings70.42 Million
18Madagascar73.98 Million
19The Arctic76.98 Million
20Leprechaun86.16 Million
21Nassau87.71 Million
22India79.23 Million
23Easter Day80.21 Million
24Tibet84.02 Million
25Mermaid83.19 Million
26Angkor Wat88.81 Million
27Vampire86.98 Million
28Russia92.68 Million
29Netherland96.86 Million
30Gangster City102.22 Million
31Jeju Island106.82 Million
32Santorini113.81 Million
33Jurassic Park118.96 Million
34Candy123.14 Million
35Dubai129.94 Million
36Maori131.89 Million
37Australia137.88 Million
38Jungle King146.85 Million
39Circus153.50 Million
40Phoenix161.95 Million
41Apollo169.30 Million
42Mongolia180.35 Million
43Voodoo188.50 Million
44Spain195.13 Million
45On The Moon205.91 Million
46Super Bowl208.99 Million
47Medusa218.45 Million
48Unicorn232.74 Million
49Halloween243.24 Million
50Hawaii256.67 Million
51Wonderland268.27 Million
52Age of Steam285.79 Million
53Dwarf298.71 Million
54Golden Island320.66 Million
55Day of the Dead346.90 Million
56Hell348.05 Million
57Age of Discovery368.41 Million
58NBA384.03 Million
59Hokkaido409.87 Million
60Future City433.11 Million
61Christmas443.23 Million
62Dragon483.40 Million
63Mammoth456.95 Million
64Mexico523.01 Million
65Magic School551.89 Million
66Goblin565.75 Million
67Sparta591.30 Million
68Seychelles630.59 Million
69Macao658.41 Million
70Chocolate Factory694.77 Million
71Archery Range727.89 Million
72Musketeer773.63 Million
73Italy808.59 Million
74Germany837.00 Million
75Cleopatra880.25 Million
76Little Red896.54 Million
77Woodstock937.64 Million
78Nighty Elf998.21 Million
79Street Fighter1.08 Billion
80Bison1.12 Billion
81Poseidon1.20 Billion
82MLB1.24 Billion
83Heavenly Palace1.27 Billion
84Sinbad1.35 Billion
85Oktoberfest1.40 Billion
86Power of Thor1.44 Billion
87Phuket1.49 Billion
88Snow White1.55 Billion
89Wolf1.65 Billion
90Casino1.75 Billion
91Amusement Park1.80 Billion
92The Smurfs1.95 Billion
93Hippie2.04 Billion
94Shaolin2.11 Billion
95Zombie2.23 Billion
96Three Little Pigs2.28 Billion
97Samurai2.40 Billion
98Avanti2.55 Billion
99France2.65 Billion
100Antarctic Adventure2.99 Billion
101Port RoyalUpdating Soon
102God of ThunderUpdating Soon
103Easter IslandUpdating Soon
104Land of SakuraUpdating Soon
105GreenlandUpdating Soon
106Grand HarvestUpdating Soon
107MayaUpdating Soon
108Era of DinosaursUpdating Soon
109Glory of RomanUpdating Soon
110Aladdin’s JourneyUpdating Soon
111West LifeUpdating Soon
112VikingsUpdating Soon
113MadagascarUpdating Soon
114NassauUpdating Soon
115IndiaUpdating Soon
116Easter DayUpdating Soon
117TibetUpdating Soon
118MermaidUpdating Soon
119Angkor WatUpdating Soon
120VampireUpdating Soon
121RussiaUpdating Soon
122NetherlandUpdating Soon
123Jeju IslandUpdating Soon
124SantoriniUpdating Soon
125Jurassic ParkUpdating Soon
126CandyUpdating Soon
127DubaiUpdating Soon
128MaoriUpdating Soon
129AustraliaUpdating Soon
130Jungle KingUpdating Soon
131CircusUpdating Soon
132PhoenixUpdating Soon
133ApolloUpdating Soon
134MongoliaUpdating Soon
135VoodooUpdating Soon
136SpainUpdating Soon
137On The MoonUpdating Soon
138Super BowlUpdating Soon
139MedusaUpdating Soon
140UnicornUpdating Soon
141HalloweenUpdating Soon
142HawaiiUpdating Soon
143WonderlandUpdating Soon
144Age of SteamUpdating Soon
145Day of the DeadUpdating Soon
146HellUpdating Soon
147Age of DiscoveryUpdating Soon
148NBAUpdating Soon
149HokkaidoUpdating Soon
150Future CityUpdating Soon
151ChristmasUpdating Soon
152DragonUpdating Soon
153MexicoUpdating Soon
154Magic SchoolUpdating Soon
155GoblinUpdating Soon
156SeychellesUpdating Soon
157MacaoUpdating Soon
158Chocolate FactoryUpdating Soon
159Archery RangeUpdating Soon
160MusketeerUpdating Soon
161ItalyUpdating Soon
162GermanyUpdating Soon
163CleopatraUpdating Soon
164Little RedUpdating Soon
165WoodstockUpdating Soon
166Nighty ElfUpdating Soon
167Street FighterUpdating Soon
168CasinoUpdating Soon
169PoseidonUpdating Soon
170WolfUpdating Soon
171Heavenly PalaceUpdating Soon
172SinbadUpdating Soon
173OktoberfestUpdating Soon
174Power of ThorUpdating Soon
175PhuketUpdating Soon
176Snow WhiteUpdating Soon
177MLBUpdating Soon
178BisonUpdating Soon
179DwarfUpdating Soon
180The ArcticUpdating Soon
181LeprechaunUpdating Soon
182TortugaUpdating Soon
183MammothUpdating Soon
184Ancient ChinaUpdating Soon
185Three Little PigsUpdating Soon
186Gangster CityUpdating Soon
187Golden IslandUpdating Soon
188SpartaUpdating Soon
189Port RoyalUpdating Soon
190God of ThunderUpdating Soon
191Easter IslandUpdating Soon
192Amusement ParkUpdating Soon
193GreenlandUpdating Soon
194Grand HarvestUpdating Soon
195MayaUpdating Soon
196Era of DinosaursUpdating Soon
197Glory of RomanUpdating Soon
198Aladdin’s JourneyUpdating Soon
199West LifeUpdating Soon
200VikingsUpdating Soon
201MadagascarUpdating Soon
202NassauUpdating Soon
203IndiaUpdating Soon
204Easter DayUpdating Soon
205TibetUpdating Soon
206MermaidUpdating Soon
207ZombieUpdating Soon
208VampireUpdating Soon
209RussiaUpdating Soon
210NetherlandUpdating Soon
211Jeju IslandUpdating Soon
212ShaolinUpdating Soon
213Jurassic ParkUpdating Soon
214CandyUpdating Soon
215DubaiUpdating Soon
216SamuraiUpdating Soon
217AvantiUpdating Soon
218Jungle KingUpdating Soon
219CircusUpdating Soon
220PhoenixUpdating Soon
221The SmurfsUpdating Soon
222HippieUpdating Soon
223VoodooUpdating Soon
224Antarctic AdventureUpdating Soon
225On The MoonUpdating Soon
226Super BowlUpdating Soon
227FranceUpdating Soon
228UnicornUpdating Soon
229HalloweenUpdating Soon
230HawaiiUpdating Soon
231WonderlandUpdating Soon
232Age of SteamUpdating Soon
233Day of the DeadUpdating Soon
234HellUpdating Soon
235Age of DiscoveryUpdating Soon
236NBAUpdating Soon
237HokkaidoUpdating Soon
238Future CityUpdating Soon
239ChristmasUpdating Soon
240DragonUpdating Soon
241MexicoUpdating Soon
242Magic SchoolUpdating Soon
243GoblinUpdating Soon
244SeychellesUpdating Soon
245MacaoUpdating Soon
246Chocolate FactoryUpdating Soon
247Archery RangeUpdating Soon
248MusketeerUpdating Soon
249ItalyUpdating Soon
250GermanyUpdating Soon
251CleopatraUpdating Soon
252Little RedUpdating Soon
253WolfUpdating Soon
254Nighty ElfUpdating Soon
255Street FighterUpdating Soon
256BisonUpdating Soon
257PoseidonUpdating Soon
258MLBUpdating Soon
259Heavenly PalaceUpdating Soon
260SinbadUpdating Soon
261OktoberfestUpdating Soon
262Power of ThorUpdating Soon
263CasinoUpdating Soon
264Snow WhiteUpdating Soon
265WoodstockUpdating Soon
266PhuketUpdating Soon
267Era of DinosaursUpdating Soon
268The ArcticUpdating Soon
269HippieUpdating Soon
270TortugaUpdating Soon
271MammothUpdating Soon
272Ancient ChinaUpdating Soon
273Skull IslandUpdating Soon
274Gangster CityUpdating Soon
275DwarfUpdating Soon
276SpartaUpdating Soon
277Port RoyalUpdating Soon
278God of ThunderUpdating Soon
279Easter IslandUpdating Soon
280Land of SakuraUpdating Soon
281GreenlandUpdating Soon
282Grand HarvestUpdating Soon
283MayaUpdating Soon
284Golden IslandUpdating Soon
285Glory of RomanUpdating Soon
286Aladdin’s JourneyUpdating Soon
287West LifeUpdating Soon
288VikingsUpdating Soon
289MadagascarUpdating Soon
290ShaolinUpdating Soon
291IndiaUpdating Soon
292Easter DayUpdating Soon
293TibetUpdating Soon
294MermaidUpdating Soon
295SamuraiUpdating Soon
296VampireUpdating Soon
297RussiaUpdating Soon
298NetherlandUpdating Soon
299Jeju IslandUpdating Soon
300SantoriniUpdating Soon
301Jurassic ParkUpdating Soon
302CandyUpdating Soon
303DubaiUpdating Soon
304Amusement ParkUpdating Soon
305Three Little PigsUpdating Soon
306Jungle KingUpdating Soon
307CircusUpdating Soon
308PhoenixUpdating Soon
309ZombieUpdating Soon
310MongoliaUpdating Soon
311VoodooUpdating Soon
312SpainUpdating Soon
313On The MoonUpdating Soon
314Super BowlUpdating Soon
315Antarctic AdventureUpdating Soon
316UnicornUpdating Soon
317HalloweenUpdating Soon
318AvantiUpdating Soon
319FranceUpdating Soon
320Age of SteamUpdating Soon
321Day of the DeadUpdating Soon
322HellUpdating Soon
323Age of DiscoveryUpdating Soon
324NBAUpdating Soon
325HokkaidoUpdating Soon
326Future CityUpdating Soon
327ChristmasUpdating Soon
328DragonUpdating Soon
329MexicoUpdating Soon
330Magic SchoolUpdating Soon
331GoblinUpdating Soon
332SeychellesUpdating Soon
333WolfUpdating Soon
334Chocolate FactoryUpdating Soon
335Archery RangeUpdating Soon
336MusketeerUpdating Soon
337ItalyUpdating Soon
338GermanyUpdating Soon
339CleopatraUpdating Soon
340Little RedUpdating Soon
341WoodstockUpdating Soon
342Nighty ElfUpdating Soon
343Street FighterUpdating Soon
344BisonUpdating Soon
345PoseidonUpdating Soon
346MLBUpdating Soon
347Heavenly PalaceUpdating Soon
348SinbadUpdating Soon
349OktoberfestUpdating Soon
350Power of ThorUpdating Soon
351PhuketUpdating Soon
352Snow WhiteUpdating Soon
353MacaoUpdating Soon
354The SmurfsUpdating Soon

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How Many Village or Level in Pirate Master?

The number of villages or levels in the Pirate Master keeps changing. But as of 2021, 354 Villages are in the Pirate Master game. which means at the present time 354 Levels in Pirate Master Game.

Pirate Master Village Cost

Each village has a different name and different costs.  The cost or price for each village varies depending on your level. Every village in Pet Master is more expensive than the previous. For a complete list of all village costs from the first until the last level in Pirate Master please read this article fully.

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