Attack Mania Event in Pet Master 20th August 2021

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Hello Guys, Today new event load in the Pet master game. The name of the event is “Attack Mania” and it is the Attack event for all. If you are searching for Attack Mania in Pet Master then you are reading the perfect article.

How to Play in Attack Mania

If you want to make some spin profit you need to play at least 40 times spins at a low bet. Make a high bet after 55 times spins.

How to Collect Points for Attack Mania

In this event you will get points when you do attack on other people villages. If you got Attack without blocked then you will got 2 points. If you got Attack With blocked then you will got 3 points. If you got Mega Attack then you will got 10 points. If you play at a high bet then you will get more points.


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Attack Mania Trick

  • Spin-on 1: 30 Times
  • Spin-on 5: 12 Times
  • Spin-on 10: 12 Times
  • Spin-on 20: 20 Times
  • Spin-on 40: 20 Times
  • Spin-on 80: 10 Times
  • Spin-on 100: Auto Till Mega Attack come

Attack Mania Rewards List

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