Crazy Spin Village Cost, All Level List of Crazy Spin

Crazy Spin – Big Win s a casual mobile game by Astak Tech. Players need to spin daily to earn coins to build villages in order to level up. Each village requires a different amount of coins to be fully upgraded and in case you are wondering how many coins you will need to move to the next level, we have prepared a complete list of Crazy Spin village cost. Tuning for Crazy Spin. Also, keep in mind that the cost of villages can change over time.

If you are looking for Crazy Spin Village Cost & List then you are at the right palace because we have created a complete list of village costs with names. Read this article full of crazy spin levels costs and village names.

Crazy Spin Village Cost

Level No.Village or Level NameVillage Cost (Approx.)
1The Little Prine4.02 M
2Farm Scenery6.74 M
3American West12.10 M
4Netherland16.72 M
5Stone Age20.40 M
6Cinderella21.70 M
7Age of Steam25.78 M
8Ancient Rome32.30 M
9Garden of Eden38.74 M
10France Paris41.70 M
11Ancient China44.18 M
12Goblin46.13 M
13Little Red Riding Hood50.38 M
14Sweet World52.65 M
15Snow White57.39 M
16Ancient Egypt59.41 M
17Cambrian62.97 M
18Mount Fuji66.14 M
19The Arctic Landscape68.78 M
20Jurassic73.54 M
21Alassin’s Wonderful Lamp74.78 M
22Journey to the West78.52 M
23Australia86.35 M
24Bronze Age91.51 M
25Ali Baba94.18 M
26Army Camp103.63 M
27The Emp’s New Clothes109.77 M
28Magical Forest111.99 M
29Columbus119.77 M
30Ice Age123.37 M
31Mount Olympus129.48 M
32Bombay138.50 M
33Russia143.98 M
34Woodstock149.69 M
35Brazil155.62 M
36Los Angeles166.47 M
37The 50’s178.15 M
38Washington183.44 M
39Mermaid194.44 M
40Elf204.04 M
41Siege of Troy210.18 M
42Saboteur218.60 M
43Sleeping Beauty233.83 M
44Hell238.49 M
45Christmas257.61 M
46Antarctic270.41 M
47Halloween Island275.79 M
48Tibet297.82 M
49In The Future318.62 M
50On the Moon334.59 M
51Sumerian341.22 M
52Noah’s Ark347.96 M
53Byzantine365.36 M
54The Maya398.20 M
55Turkry422.03 M
56Italy447.31 M
57Pandora’s Box460.63 M
58Dubai Street506.72 M
59Nordic Myth537.14 M
60Alice In Wonderland563.96 M
61Circus575.21 M
62Magic Academy586.72 M
63Mexico610.13 M
64Third Empire628.41 M
65Princess Bedroom647.26 M
66Mongolia679.50 M
67Indian Myth706.69 M
68Hawaii742.04 M
69Brighton779.08 M
70Morocco802.39 M
71Wizard of Oz826.45 M
72Robin Hood851.26 M
73Angel and Devil868.29 M
74Animal Restaurant894.32 M
75Pink Girl921.13 M
76Kaohsiung957.88 M
77Taipei986.62 M
78Witch Myth1.04 B
79Queen’s Wardrobe1.08 B
80Jack and Beanstalk1.13 B
81Candy World1.18 B
82Flying Spaghetti God1.24 B
83Pinocchio’s Adventures1.28 B
84Spacewalk1.35 B
85Rose Garden1.42 B
86Singapore Night1.47 B
87Dressing Room1.55 B
88Forest Party1.62 B
89Elysium Buddha1.70 B
90Don Quixote1.77 B
91Steadfast Tin Soldier1.84 B
92Wisdom Athena1.94 B
93Undead Castle2.03 B
94Three Little Pigs2.13 B
95Ugly Duckling2.24 B
96Romeo and Juliet2.35 B
97Puss In Boots2.42 B
98Amusement Park2.59 B
99Beach Style2.72 B
100Snow Village2.86 B
101Snow WorldUpdating Soon
102France BordeauxUpdating Soon
103PoseidonUpdating Soon
104Sports MeetingUpdating Soon
105Goldfish and FishermanUpdating Soon
106IndianUpdating Soon
107Journey to Center of EarthUpdating Soon
108Thor’s FuryUpdating Soon
109Little ThumbUpdating Soon
110Smart GirlUpdating Soon
111Jewelry BoxUpdating Soon
112Crow and ChickenUpdating Soon
113The Picky GirlUpdating Soon
114Witch Baba YagaUpdating Soon
115Two PigeonsUpdating Soon
116Man With 3 WivesUpdating Soon
117Eagle and HenUpdating Soon
118Rat, Rabbit and CatUpdating Soon
119Farmer and WorkerUpdating Soon
120Miller and DonkeyUpdating Soon
121Chief and PhilosopherUpdating Soon
122Frong KingUpdating Soon
123ShoemakerUpdating Soon
124Rabbit HuntingUpdating Soon
125Passersby and DogsUpdating Soon
126Rooster and PearlUpdating Soon
127CaravanUpdating Soon
128Wolf In Dog HouseUpdating Soon
129Dragonfly and AntsUpdating Soon
130Elephant and PugUpdating Soon
131Conceited GamblerUpdating Soon
132SackUpdating Soon
133Cat and ChefUpdating Soon
134Farmer and NerdUpdating Soon
135Treasured SwordUpdating Soon
136The Princess and the PeaUpdating Soon
137The Little Match GirlUpdating Soon
138The Blacksmith and DogUpdating Soon
139The Lion in LoveUpdating Soon
140ThumbelinaUpdating Soon
141The Old Street LampUpdating Soon
142The Golden KeyUpdating Soon
143Fitcher’s BirdUpdating Soon
144RapunzelUpdating Soon
145The Queen BeeUpdating Soon
146Three Snake-LeavesUpdating Soon
147The Clever Little TailorUpdating Soon
148The Little Folks’ PresentsUpdating Soon
149The Wolf and the ManUpdating Soon
150The King’s Son Who Deared NothingUpdating Soon
151The Writer and the RobberUpdating Soon
152Fishing PortUpdating Soon
153The Glass CoffinUpdating Soon
154Dancing CamelUpdating Soon
155The Tailor in HeavenUpdating Soon
156Son of PoseidonUpdating Soon
157Afternoon TeaUpdating Soon
158Puppet TheaterUpdating Soon
159Deceived FarmerUpdating Soon
160Space BaseUpdating Soon
161The Birth of BacchusUpdating Soon
162Human SkinUpdating Soon
163Astronomy LabUpdating Soon
164Castle Under the AuroraUpdating Soon
165Day of the DeadUpdating Soon
166Spice KingdomUpdating Soon
167RestaurantUpdating Soon
168Toy FactoryUpdating Soon
169The Chepherd and the SeaUpdating Soon
170Classical GardenUpdating Soon
171Heroine AtalantaUpdating Soon
172Detective AgencyUpdating Soon
173Jorinda and JoringelUpdating Soon
174Safari ParkUpdating Soon
175Godfather DeathUpdating Soon
176Fancy MushroomsUpdating Soon
177CaféUpdating Soon
178Magical PharmacyUpdating Soon
179Camping TripUpdating Soon
180Sunken TreasureUpdating Soon
181Beauty SalonUpdating Soon
182Pool PartyUpdating Soon
183DojoUpdating Soon
184Pirate BayUpdating Soon
185Fortune-tellerUpdating Soon
186Film CrewUpdating Soon
187ValhallaUpdating Soon
188Arcade DreamUpdating Soon
189Dragon’s TreasureUpdating Soon
190Sultan’s PalaceUpdating Soon
191Templo MayorUpdating Soon
192MuseumUpdating Soon
193Jungle NightUpdating Soon
194Desert MarketUpdating Soon
195Curiosity ShopUpdating Soon

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How Many Villages in Crazy Spin

The most important part of the Crazy Spin is the village or levels in which the player has to make a village with the help of coins. The number of villages in the Crazy Spin keeps changing. The game has over 195 villages at the moment, and the developers are actively adding more of them to keep the players engaged and each village has a different name and different cost.  The cost or price for each village varies depending on your level.

How to Find Village or Level List in Crazy Spin

The complete Crazy Spin Villages list you find in the game. Just go to the menu in Crazy Spin and click on Map. At first, you see the village you are in, If you scroll up you see all the villages you still have to build.


I hope you must have liked this article Crazy Spin Village Cost. I always try to give readers complete information on Crazy Spin so that they do not have to search about this article on other sites or on the internet. beyond which they will also save time and get all the information in one place.

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